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The scope of this project is to help people find the best beauty professionals around them. No advertising or other related stuff...


The competition is very very low in this kind of service in our country, good ideas but very bad executed and without any real focus on the people.

So, we decided to take a chance and dive into this.
What is this about? From personal care to styling and make-up, “Likeable” bring you everything you need in one place.
To sum it all up, here’s a real world example:
You have a special event to attend on and you need a special hair style and you prefer to do this home or you just want to discover new beauty professionals.


Starting from scratch.

We’ve considered that waiting till the the product is finished before doing some marketing it’s a terrible plan. So, we started to define our product on paper, identify the target audience and then started puttin togheter some basic promotion ideas.

We conducted many interviews on our target audience to see if the problem we’re trying to solve is a real problem and not just messing around.
Nothing is more effective than walking over to a person, showing the prototype, discussing, understanding facial expressions and body language.

Design and development

Everything should be user centered.

We knew that users do not interact with requirements documents, specifications and wireframes; so, the quicker we get to the end product, the better. We don’t have a big team ( just two for now) and a big budget, so, for now we just have a landing page where we announce the product where we present also an working preview of the upcoming app so people will know what to expect. It’s not just some text like “Something big is gonna’ happen.”, “The best thing will happen to you…” and a generic hero image with some photo taken from a stock website.

The development part it’s still in progress, we need to have a very flexible framework because we plan to create new features so we need to plan accordingly.


The visual design for the beta version is almost done.

Naturally, we announced the product by creating a landing page where we’ve explained all the product, then we started sharing this on social media to generate some interest into this. Then we asked friends to share, introduce ourselfs to authors of relevant blogs…

“The best launch is if you have a product that other people like using so much that they tell other people about it.”
This is what we’re doing, so we are aware that this takes time.

The users we target need to know at least one bit of information in advance that will make them care. Then, only then, we can move on to the next step, which is the final product.

We got some really good feedback after we launched the landing page. We spoke in person with a lot of people, either clients and beauty services providers and they’ve really liked it. This means that we’re doing something right, so it motivates us to move forward with this.

Thank you for reading and we will come back with updates!

Till then you can have a more in depth look here:


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