Vagabond Studio

The making of a different shopping experience.

The scope of this project was to adopt a different approach in selling clothes in order to lead "Vagabond" to better acquisition.


Vagabond Studio doesn’t want to be “just a typical” clothing shop. They want to express a lifestyle.

Initially, they wanted to redesign their old website with something more relevant to their brand, but after few meetings we realized that besides the brand awareness we need to redo also the shopping experience. We pitched them a prototype to illustrate the need of a new shopping experience, and got to work the next week.


The right question is half the answer.

The budget wasn’t so generous, so one week didn’t allow us to do so much client interviews and research, so we conducted in-house and friend interviews to get a sense of how easy is for them to accomplish a specifc task like buying a t-shirt.

Fortunately we already had some data to work on due the old websiste analytics, so there wasn’t just personal assumptions when we created the wireframes. We knew our target audience, the typical user profile who will be interest in buying something from us, so this data gave us valuable input in just few days.




Non conformist

Design and development

Creating a beautiful and easy to use experience

After two weeks we started designing and coding on the approved high fidelity prototypes. There was a tight budget and time frame so we spend some time finding a framework which can accomodate our needs in order to accelerate the development process.

We are strong believers in “don’t try to reinvent the whell if it’s already invented” so better spend some time finding a good framework than building your own when the time and budget are not so friendly. This gave us more time to test and iterate the final designs, receive feedback, do another round of usability tests and so on…


Successes and roadblocks

After few weeks we finished the website and we released it to the public. Of course this project is not finished at all, we are naive to think that even if we did our job in terms of discovery, research, design, development there is nothing else to improve.

What we can tell for sure after this first version is that “Vagabond Studio” got way more exposure than the previous website. People reactions were very good, so we can say we accomplish our goal to create a different, easy to use shopping experience.

The next thing we want to do with this project is to expand globally, more exactly to sell world-wide not just locally but the roadblock we have now is the people which are returning to the website.

For now just 15% of the people are returning, so we need to some additional research and find why this is happening, is it beacuse the clothes are not presented to the right customers? Is it something caused by the perfomance of the website, is it the price?… By creating a solid budget for this type of research we are sure that we can test this questions on a fair amount of people withing ourt target audience and find what exactly is happening.

Thank you for reading!


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